Power Boat Charter - Destinations

Third Coast Yacht Charters is pleased to offer power boat cruises with multiple possible destinations depending on the length of time you have selected. Here is some information about some of the area's destinations. Your tour is not limited to these options.  Click on the underlined light blue text to see beautiful video footage of the listed destinations!

Power Island:

Photo by John L. Russell
Power Island is about 200 acres and located in the west arm of Grand Traverse Bay. Power Island is a favorite destination for local families and visitors all summer long. There are approximately 50 picnic tables located at the Island. Enjoy hiking trails, swimming, and beaches at Power Island. Camping is available on the adjacent island of Basset Island. Enjoy a leisurely cruise on the bay to Power Island where you can swim, have lunch, or do whatever you please before returning to the dock at CenterPointe Marina.

Bower’s Harbor:

Bower’s Harbor is located on the east arm of Grand Traverse Bay. Enjoy scenic views of Old Mission peninsula including various views of vineyards and the wineries of Old Mission. You may want to enjoy a day on the boat and a meal at The Boathouse for your charter to Bower's Harbor.

Suttons Bay:

Located on the Leelanau peninsula and situated along the shore of West Grand Traverse Bay is the quaint town of Suttons Bay. Walk along the main street enjoying various downtown shops, restaurants, wineries, and cafés. Travel to the Suttons Bay Jazz Fest by boat!

Omena Bay:

Omena Bay is a fantastic place to anchor, enjoy the scenery of the Leelanau peninsula, swim, and enjoy a day on the boat, or have a glass of wine at one of the regions best wineries Leelanau Wine Cellars.


Located on the northern end of the Leelanau peninsula Northport is another picturesque northern Michigan town with shops and eateries to explore. A popular destination of travelers to the area and even more scenic by water.

Elk Rapids:

Travel by boat to Elk Rapids where you can enjoy a stroll through downtown Elk Rapids. Popular restaurants include Siren Hall and Pearls New Orleans Kitchen. Also located on the east arm of Grand Traverse Bay this is the most distant destination and likely a two hour trip, one way. Old Mission Harbor is located on the east side of Old Mission peninsula and makes for a great place to stop for a swim during your Elk Rapids trip. Selecting a charter to Elk Rapids requires an extra hour of charter time (7-hour day). The cost for a full day charter to Elk Rapids is well worth the $750.00 due to the extra distance. 

Traverse City:

Enjoy boating around the Traverse City area. Cruise the bay and anchor near downtown and the open space for various concerts and events. Enjoy the National Cherry Festival air show or evening concerts from the best possible view, by boat! Other possible destinations by water include the Apache Trout Grill, Scott’s Harbor Grill, Holiday Inn Patio, and downtown Traverse City with it's endless restaurants, breweries, and bars.